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Our original logoPenny Lane Publishing Inc. was established in the fall of 1993 by John and Stephanie Jones and offered its first line of prints in January 1994. It was uncanny how everything fell into place as the company was getting started. Every day several episodes of fate cemented the dream that Penny Lane was meant to be.

Initially, Penny Lane only had two employees, the owners, who worked out of their home. Through hard work and determination the company experienced tremendous growth and had to relocate three times.

In 2013, John and Stephanie sold their company to their son Zach. They knew they could count on Zach to continue the Penny Lane traditions they started while evolving the company to stay relevant in today's market.

Today, we offer artwork from over 90 talented artists, each of which offers their own unique style. The company’s biggest asset, however, are our wonderful employees who work hard every day and have created a formidable team.

Penny Lane’s main objective is to create artwork that depicts an everyday lifestyle with warmth, style and quality while attracting a large cross-section of the art buying public. Our goals are to identify upcoming trends, recognize new artists and, of course, focus on maintaining customer satisfaction.

We all appreciate your interest in Penny Lane. Thank you.

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